Fabrication Tools

Fabrication Tools

For partners who wish to integrate base belt finishing into their production programme, in addition to our high-quality belts, we offer processing machines also made in Germany. Contact us at any time for more information!

Fingerpunching Unit DF 150

The Fingerpunching Unit DF 150 is a device to punch fingers for the endless preparation into the open ended timing belt. Due to the leverage effect there is not much power needed to punch the belt. Punching Head: The punching head is available in two different versions: 1x80x10 mm & 1x120x10 mm. Gripping jaws: Gripping jaws are necessary to fix the belt on the punching table. Gripping jaws are available in every pitch.

Heating Press ZSP 150 & Control Unit ZST 175 W/K SL

The Heating Press ZSP 150 is dimensioned for belts up to a width of 150 mm. The cooling is regulated by water. Watercooling pump and hoses included.
Control Box ZST 175 W/K SL: The control box is connected to the heating press and regulates both the temperature and the cooling time. Heating moulds: For every timing belt pitch a heating mould is needed. Moulds are available up to a width of 150 mm.

Multifunctional Machine USM 650

The USM 650 is conceived to cut belts, weld V-Guides and to coat belts. The working width is 650 mm.

Surface Grinding Machine OSM 300

With this machine you can grind the top cover of belts or coated belts. With 3 different grinding drums with different grits almost every coating material can be grinded. The grinding width is 300 mm.


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