Jointing Methods

Welded Joints

The thermoplastic material of the ATLATOS® can be heat-welded. In linear timing belts, fingers are embossed diagonally that are then interlocked to weld the open-end material into an endless timing belt. The joint is 80 or 120 mm long and achieves a tensile strength of up to 60% of a seamless belt.

Mechanical Joints

Mechanical joints are developed specifically for applications that require a flexible joining method.

01 Plastic spiral joints

Plastic spirals are welded into the joint on both sides and can be pushed together with the help of a joining wire.

02 ATLATOS® Quick Splice

In the ATLATOS® Quick Splice method, fingers are punched into the timing belt and holes punched into the teeth across the width of the belt. The belt is then joined using hardened steel pins. The number of pins is freely selectable.


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